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Get the answers here. Find out how to deal with various driveway and security gate issues. Learn how to take better care of your system and it's opener. Knowing how to handle issues will make your driveway gate last much longer. Need top professional repair, maintenance, and installation services? Go ahead and get in touch to talk to specialists near you.

How long does the gate installation process take?

This depends on various factors. The type of gate you choose and its material will influence the length of the process. The gate installers would usually spend about two days on your property. First, measuring and doing any necessary groundwork. Then, installing the gate and testing its functionality and safety. However, there may be a waiting period of a few weeks for the specific gate that you want, be it wrought-iron, wooden or steel. But as soon as the system is ready for installation, a couple of days will often serve as the entire length of gate installation time. This means that the whole process could take up to a month, including building the custom gate. It could take a lot less than that, of course. It all depends on different factors. Consult with one of our gate installation experts for a more accurate estimate.

What’s better, sliding or swing gates?

This comes down to personal preferences, usually. A double-door swing gate does seem more elegant than a sliding system to most people. But if you need a gate installed on a slope or you live near a busy street, a sliding gate may serve you better. There are many factors to consider. You would have to take into account the terrain of your property and the available space you do or don't have. Either option can serve as the perfect choice for one person and less than ideal for another. Speak to one of our experts to learn more and to get a free estimate on a new gate.


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