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Four Popular Residential Gate Designs

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Four Popular Residential Gate Designs

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Your front gate acts as the face of your home front. It welcomes you home every day and is the last thing in your rear view mirror when you leave. It's a piece of your home that deserves some real consideration. Here we look at a few of the most popular residential gate styles and what makes each a good option.

  1. Decorative Iron Gates
    These often follow a distinct aesthetic that is very classical and can be supremely decorative. Iron driveway gates have long since become a symbol of prestige and class. Their often ornate decorations give them veritable mountains of curb appeal. Wrought iron gates are particularly popular for their texture, robust durability and charm. When properly maintained, iron gates can work beautifully for long periods of time. With regular upkeep, they'll likely never need changing or replacement. Altering or repairing iron gates often requires welding and hinge repair expertise. They can also use a fresh coat of protective paint every year or two. This will help them last for decades.
  2. Swing Gates  - Metal and Wood
    Swing gates come in all shapes and sizes. Among the most popular for residential installation are variants with wooden or steel based frames. If you have a swing gate you need to consider space carefully. If you have a gradient to your driveway, you must ensure there is enough room for the gate to swing inwards or outwards. A specialist from Gate Repair McKinney can assess your layout to ensure a new gate will be positioned perfectly. We also provide a free estimate on parts+labor for a new driveway gate of any kind.
    Metal vs. Wooden Gates
    Is one better than the other? Yes and no. Wooden gates often provide a homey and inviting type of feeling. It's no wonder why many homeowners near Dallas chose to get them installed. Of course, some maintenance goes with that. Wooden gates can warp or start rotting at sections. They need regular paint jobs to stay in prime shape. Metal swing gates, on the other hand, tend to have a more prestigious look to them. They provide enhanced security as they're far sturdier. Of course, rust can pose an issue But again, with regular maintenance you can mitigate and keep it at bay. Metal driveway gates tend to weigh more. That means needing a more powerful opener for gate automation.
  3. Solid or Panel Sliding Gates
    Sliding gates typically come with solid doors that simply move to the side. Either that or they're made up of panels that can roll or fold to take up less space. Two of the most popular materials for sliding gates are steel and aluminum. If space is a concern, a sliding driveway gate can often serve as the most appropriate option. These sort of systems are usually made of metal and not wood. Aluminum gates make for a very popular choice in that regard. As a leading local gate company, we have experts that can help you with the installation. They'll ensure all components are perfectly fitted and that you choose a gate design that perfectly suits your needs.
  4. Chain Link Gates and Fences
    These often serve for containment without disruption visibility. Chain link gates often roll on a set of wheels to open laterally or on hinges like a regular door. Chain link fences add perimeter security, but gates made from links of chains don't withstand the same amount of damage a full panel metal gate will. Often used for commercial properties, chain link gates can work for residential driveways. However, they're less popular than the other options.

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